UK online gambling grows 10.1% and is now worth £4.7bn

gambling statistics uk 2018

New figures show that online gambling is larger than any other UK gambling sector, when compared to bingo, lottery and the likes.
It's known that many people living in the UK love themselves a good gamble, whether it's gambling on slots, table games, video poker or other gambling games. We did some investigation to try and find some UK gambling statistics, which would serve to provide validation for the stereotype. Below, you'll find some ...
The UK Gambling Comission publishes industry statistics twice a year (in May and November). They provide the latest information on each industry sector regulated by the Gambling Commission, which includes online gambling services offered to customers in Great Britain. The latest statistics cover the period between ...

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Winning Post - How 2017 shaped up for the gambling industry

This report provides statistics on the regulated gambling industry in Great Britain (GB) for the period April 2014 to. March 2017. An update report to cover up to September. 20171 is scheduled to be published in May 2018. The statistics cover gambling across the betting, bingo, casino, arcades and lotteries sectors (including ...
The latest statistics, which include online gambling services offered to customers in Britain, cover the period between April 2016 and March 2017. UPDATE 15 January 2018: Following amended submissions from operators, we have updated Industry statistics. Check the industry statistics page for the latest ...
The end of the year is just around the corner now, so global gambling markets are to prepare for the challenges that are to be brought by 2018, and the UK gambling industry is not an exclusion. At the end of November, the UK Gambling Commission brought light on the performance of the sector, revealing ...
Gambling industry statistics are published twice a year (in May and November) and provide the latest information on each industry sector we regulate, which includes online gambling services offered to customers in Great Britain. The statistics come from the data provided by licence holders through their ...

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UK: Loot boxes are NOT technically gambling, but THAT DOESN'T MATTER to parents!

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New Figures Show Online Gambling Is Largest Gambling Sector In UK

• Employees in the UK gambling industry by sector 2009-17 | Statistic

Read more About 370,000 12% children in England, Scotland and Wales have gambled in the past week, the commission found.
More than quarter of a million children gambled with a licensed operator, such as a bookmaker or online casino.
They spent an average of £10 on gambling a week, more than a third of their £28 income from work or pocket money, with 8% claiming to have spent more than £40.
Almost 1% of children aged between 11 and 16, or about 25,000, are defined as problem gamblers, with a further 36,000 at risk of developing a problem.
Fruit machines remain the most common introduction to gambling for young people at 24%, followed by the National Lottery at 21%.
But the commission said children were increasingly being exposed to gambling in less traditional ways, such as through and via social gambling statistics uk 2018 />The report found that 11% of children took part in skins betting, whereby online gamers can bet gambling statistics uk 2018 in-game items, such as weapons or outfits, which can megajackpot real monetary value if traded.
Skins betting, an industry according to one US report, is a common feature of games such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive.
And earlier this year, for running a website that allowed children to bet on the Fifa series of online football games.
More than one in 10 children reported having played casino-style games, which simulate roulette or fruit machines, on Facebook or smartphone apps.
Of those who had ever played online gambling-style games, a quarter had spent their own money on gambling activity in the past week, significantly higher than the average of 12% among all 11-16 year olds.
The report offers some insight into the extent to which children are exposed to gambling, with 80% saying they have seen just click for source on TV and 70% through social media.
He voiced concerns about a lack of education available to young people about gambling statistics uk 2018 risks involved.
The report gambling statistics uk 2018 that four in 10 children said their parents had discussed the dangers of gambling with them, while fewer than one in five had been warned of the dangers by teachers.
Gambling has come under increased scrutiny following a government review of the industry, including an ongoing consultation on the FOBTs.



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