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These are currently the best MMO games for Android and iOS platform. The list includes best Android games.
Zenonia 4 Return of the Legend is an action packed RPG game created, developed, and published by Gamevil for the Android and iOS Mobile platform.. Full character and control customization, four characters following individual epic storylines, three different modes, asynchronous online PvP feature and an extended ...
'Caravan War' tower defense, simulation adventure now in Open Beta · Rei Padla - October 5, 2017. Hardcore geeky gamers are always on the lookout for new adventures to take. If you're into multiplayer online games, check out this new game.

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Top 5 Best Free RPG Games for Android |

Enjoy millions of the latest Android apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines & more. Anytime, anywhere, across your devices.
Legendary heroes join an endless idle RPG battle that began over a thousand years ago! Fight legendary monsters, enter online PvP role playing battles and end the reign of the Dark Prince in Endless Frontier! Travel across endless stages of fantasy RPG action with online PvP games, offline RPG guild wars and plenty of ...
Here you can download best RPG games. Android OS becomes more popular day after day and new developers appear which make really quality products. All content is totally free! Any mobile game can be included into several sections and have several features. Best RPG games for Android phones and tablets are ...
From old-school dungeon crawlers to modern action RPGs, these are the best mobile RPGs for your Android or iOS device.

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Top 10 MMORPG Games Android 2016 HD High Graphics

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Top 17 free Apps like RPG IRUNA Online MMORPG for Android

Best multiplayer Android games to play with friends

Smartphones have become the perfect companion for game lovers as they can fire up a game anyplace and anytime; well, almost.
There are thousands of Android games on Play Store in almost every genre imaginable.
Games that need internet connection are sometimes chockful of annoying ads and popups that disturb the overall gaming experience.
When you do not have internet access, and you have some time to kill, your best option is to keep some offline Android games to fall back on.
Our list of 30 Best Offline Android Games can help you choose an excellent game from various genres that can be played offline anytime, anywhere.
Which are the best offline games for Android?
Here is where you can discover all the best games on the Android Play Store that can be played without a network connection.
Top Offline Games for Android Offline Casual Games 1.
Big Little Farmer Offline Form — Casual Build your farm, cultivate and harvest crops with Big Little Farmer which is one of the best free offline android games available in the Play Store.
You get to experience the stress-free life of a farmer and embellish your farmland with this offline game.
There is no fighting or running in the game.
Instead, you have to build a farming business with bakery and dairy products among other things.
You have to sell your products through a delivery truck, fulfill orders and make yourself wealthy as you progress in the game.
Experience the life of a farmer and enjoy seeing your agriculture empire grow.
Download and know more about Offline Android Trivia Games 2.
Quizoid — Trivia As the name implies, Quizoid is a more info quiz game which can also be played offline where you have to answer questions.
It has over 7000 questions divided into six levels.
Quiz and puzzle lovers would enjoy having this game on their phones.
It can also make a fun game to play parties.
Quizoid has 17 categories, three game modes, and various hints to help you with the game.
The quiz contains questions from Arts and Literature, Famous People, Geography, Language, Mathematics, Medical Science, Religion, and Mythology, etc.
With the pro version, you get 3000 extra questions.
Download and know more about Offline Action Games 3.
Special Forces Group 2 — Action FPS Are you a fan of First Person Shooter games?
With Special Forces Group 2 you get the experience of 3D Person Online game android rpg in real time.
You have an option to play the Singleplayer or Multiplayer mode.
It has 5 different types of gameplay: Bomb Mode, Capture the Flag, Resurrection, Classic and Zombie Modes.
You have six characters per team, seven pistols, three shotguns, four submachine guns, and many more weapons to win the war.
It features an offline mode continue reading you can play it without any internet connection and is one of the more fast-paced offline Android game compared to most others.
Download and know more about 4.
Overkill 3 — Action Overkill 3 is another impressive offline android game with a great action which can be played endlessly.
You have to defend the Generator here who helps by destroying your enemies with high-voltage lightning.
You have to save the innocent people by destroying the bad guys.
Overkill 3 does have an offline mode so you can play it on the go without internet.
Download and know more about Offline Sports Games 5.
Look no further, 3D Pool Ball is one the better offline android games in the sports genre.
This game offers pocket billiards a.
With 3D Pool Ball, build your legacy in the pool world and compete with other real players around the globe.
You can play like a pro and win trophies by defeating skilled pool players.
Download and know more 6.
Darts King — Sports Love playing darts?
This dart game on our list of best Android games since you can play it offline if you are playing in the single-player mode.
For multiplayer mode, you need a net connection.
You just have to drag and slide to throw darts and also there is a practice mode for beginners.
The game supports Google achievements and leaderboards.
It is free and contains ads when playing online.
Download and know more Offline Role Playing Games 7.
Eternium: Mage And Minions — Roleplaying Eternium will remind you of Diablo and Torchlight.
You can play as a mage or a warrior with a sword or an ax and learn new tricks to increase your attributes.
Jump into the dark caves, explore forests, travel to the moon to kill unknown horrible creatures amongst the craters and the canyons.
Download and know more about 8.
SoulCraft — Action RPG — Roleplaying SoulCraft is one of the best RPG games on Android.
This game is for warriors who have already played ultimate death games and defeated crime.
This game has beautiful graphics with demons and other nasty creatures in locations like Venice, Rome, Hamburg, New York and Egypt.
You can play this game with different modes such as time run, arena, Hellgate, crystal defense and boss fights.
Download and know more about 9.
Legend of Darkness-Offline RPG — Roleplaying Legend of Darkness is one of the best offline RPG Android games where your hero has to kill monsters to go to next level.
You have to collect material to make equipment and destroy different types of demons.
Find the monsters and push them to death.
The stronger the monster is, the better the award you earn.
The hidden monsters grant you more generous rewards.
You need to create appropriate equipment with the materials available with help from Abyss.
Download and know more about 10.
Beamdog Collection — Roleplaying Another excellent addition to the list of best offline android games is Beamdog Games.
Beamdog collection is a list of well-known PC games ported to Android in APK format.
These games are RPGs that can keep you engaged for hours together.
There are no in-app purchases.
The games are complicated, so it is recommended to play it on big phones or tablets.
Download and know more about 11.
Several Final Fantasy Games — Roleplaying Some of the Final Fantasy games can be played offline, but you need to log in at least once with the internet connection.
These games take more than 20 hours to finish, and each series narrates a story.
The cost differs from game to game but is worth the price to pay and play.
The list includes Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Mobius Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy Portal and so on.
These are few of the best offline RPG android games.
Download and know more about online game android rpg />Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic — Role Playing Star Wars is one of the best offline RPG Android games ported to Android from PC.
The Knights of the Old Republic has a lengthy story with many ends depending on the choices made by you while playing.
The graphics are attractive, and you can ask questions if you are confused about the game.
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic has achievements which make it appealing to play this game.
It is not easy to finish it in a short span time and takes time to collect proper character which helps you get out of the game successfully.
Download and know more about Offline Arcade Games 13.
Brothers in Arms 3 — Arcade Brother in Arms is a game for the people who like to be brave soldiers in their real or gaming life.
Moreover, you can play this game offline which means there are no irritating ad popups while you are playing the game.
It has both singleplayer and multiplayer modes.
To start the game, you have to choose between Free for All and Team Deathmatch modes.
Unlock perks by playing each weapon class; experiment with new weapons and get amazed at the visual effects.
Enjoy the eye-catching skin animations.
You can also play this game on your smartwatch.
Download and know more about 14.
Duet — Language extremeno It is like having an endless fun playing Duet, and the rules are quite simple.
You have to synchronize two vessels fighting all online game android rpg and keep calm throughout the game.
The game is good enough with the online game android rpg given in the free version, and you can unlock new game modes in the premium version.
The game is fun initially and gets more complicated as you step up the levels.
Download and know more about 15.
Smash Hit — Arcade Jump into this beautiful journey of runners; you have to throw balls to clear obstacles in your way, and you lose balls if you get hit by anything.
You have to move in coordination with the sound and music.
It takes a lot of focus and right timing to run and ruin all the objects coming in your way.
Download and know more about Offline Puzzle Games 16.
It has unlimited gameplay with an infinite number of Sudoku games.
You just have to select your level of difficulty to start with the game.
It has four levels starting from easy to very hard.
Your game gets automatically saved so that you continue where you left off.
The game has been optimized for smartphones and tablets.
It has a great and helpful interface which guides you through each step.
Download and know more 17.
It has a massive collection of logic games, quests, brain teasers, jigsaw, thinking games for kids and adults.
You have to crack the password and unlock the door to get out of the room.
Download and know more about 18.
The Room 3 — Puzzle The Room 3 is another excellent version by The Room developers.
It has lovely graphics, challenging puzzles, and many useful features to help you solve the problem at hand.
The game has different endings depending on the choices you make.
It does not contain any in-app purchases and supports cloud saving and Google achievements.
Download and know online game android rpg about 19.
Hitman Go, Lara Croft Go, Deus Ex Go — Puzzle Hitman Go, Lara Croft Go, Deus Ex Go is a series of Go games by Square Enix.
They are among the best offline games for android.
Each game in this list has various obstacles that you have to pass through to go to the next level.
You get to fight with enemies with unique and deadly powers in Hitman Go.
Each level has different puzzle genre.
Download and know more about Offline Racing Games 20.
Road Drivers: Legacy — Racing Jump into the race with Road Drivers and drive the car of your dreams with legendary speed.
Here you race through highway traffic, earn cash, upgrade your car and buy new ones.
Be the champion on the leaderboards by driving the fastest car.
Hold your excitement because you are going to get the stylish and elegant cars to drive which is joyful but you have to reach your destiny fighting all the odds coming your way.
The graphics used in the game are 3D that gives you a real-time racing experience.
Download and know more about Offline Creativity Games 21.
SimCity BuildIt — Simulation Creativity SimCity BuildIt is one of the best offline android games where you have to groom and establish your city with countless buildings and 3D graphics, where your citizens can grow their skills and develop in a positive direction.
You have online game android rpg create resources and trade it with friends in other cities which is a business step to fulfill your financial needs to utilize money into the enhancement of the city.
You have to take care of your citizens and keep them happy by providing them services like power plants and police departments.
Solve their real-life troubles like traffic jams, fires, pollution and much more.
You get to compete with the players all over the world and earn rewards.
Download and know more 22.
Prado Parking Adventure 2017 — Simulation After multiple games of car racing, zombies, shooting, and solving puzzles, Prado Parking allows you to explore something different.
Here, you have to prove your parking skills and trust me; it is not easy.
You have multiple luxury cars, and your task is to drive the cars and park it in the parking lot correctly.
After playing this game, you will realize that driving a car is easy but parking them perfectly is no mean feat.
Download and know more about Offline Adventure Games 23.
BADLAND — Adventure Read more has beautiful forests with various inhabitants, trees, and flowers.
The ambiance is lovely with amazing graphics, but there is something wrong with the woods.
You have to find what exactly is going on and avoid the traps and obstacles in your way.
The game has a single player mode with 100 unique levels and a multiplayer mode up to four players on the same device with 23 levels.
It supports cloud saving, and you can play it offline without any ads.
Download and know more about 24.
Crashlands — Adventure Jump into a beautiful adventure with Crashlands and be the best galactic trucker.
The game is affordable and can be played offline too.
You get to unlock over 500 crafted items as you move ahead in the game and get to know the secrets hidden around.
You have to learn and understand the attack patterns of your enemies and accordingly apply your tricks to defeat them Download and know more about 25.
Cats GO: Offline — Adventure Cats Go Offline is another fun Android game to be played offline.
You can play this game exploring your nearby environment without leaving home.
You just have to move through a small environment either it is your home or any place to catch the cats and add to your collection.
You can play this game just like original Cats Go but without a GPS.
Download and know more about 26.
Minecraft Pocket Edition — Adventure Minecraft is all about your creativity in how you explore random worlds and build innovative things starting from simple homes to grand castles.
You have infinite resources to mine deep into the world.
Download and know more about 27.
Limbo — Adventure Limbo is a fantastic and unique puzzle game where you have to utilize the resources of the environment to solve puzzles and move ahead to find your sister lost in the Limbo world.
Limbo is an awesome and one of the best offline games for android which can blow your mind with its elegance.
The graphics of this game are the best part.
The story of the game is about a cute little boy searching for his sister in a weird looking world.
Download and know more about Offline Strategy Games 28.
Kingdom Rush Frontiers — Strategy Kingdom Rush Frontiers is a real challenge with various missions.
It is one of the best offline Android strategy games.
There are three difficulty modes; Classic, Iron, and Heroic.
The game has been updated with three Halloween stages and nine new enemies.
Kingdom Rush is a Tower Defence game with 18 tower abilities.
The game has a built-in encyclopedia to help you out if you get stuck online game android rpg />Download and know more about 29.
In this game, you have to explore around and counter the aliens that are aiming to kill you.
The game is challenging and you need to use your skills to learn new strategies to fight them.
Investigate through a fishing village and save the XCOM headquarters from alien attacks.
As you move ahead in the game you discover that the weapons used are new and cleaverly designed which is quite interesting as you will experience something unique while fighting with those armaments.
It also has a multiplayer mode for which you have to go online.
Download and know more about 30.
Yodo1 Games — Collection of various Genres Have you heard about Crossy Road and Rodeo Stampede games?
They are two distinct collections on our list of best android offline games.
The company Yodo1 Games has games in various genres such as action, casual, and arcade.
The collection includes Crossy Road, Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari, Rooms of Doom — Minion Madness, Mega Jump2, OMG: TD, Zombie Hunter: Shooter.
Most of these can be played offline.
The games are most popular games android with in-app purchases and are not too long to engage you for a long time.
Download and know more about Conclusion Our list of best online game android rpg games for Android will help you choose offline games that you can play without the annoyances of online games.
You games for low end android devices the choice from various genres to choose from; which include creativity, action, adventure, puzzle, racing and many more.
If you think we have missed out on any good offline games for Android, please let us know in the comments below.
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